Public Apology

SST would like to make a formal and public apology to the people of New Zealand. From March 2018 The Sensible Sentencing Trust became aware of a mistakenly placed the photo of an innocent man alongside the name of a convicted paedophile with the same first name and surname, on the SST Offender’s Database. The image was taken down immediately as soon as SST became aware of its error and a formal apology given to the innocent man. As a result, the Offender’s Database has been taken off-line until the accuracy of all records can be checked.

This was an unintentional human error, for which SST is deeply and sincerely sorry occurred.


The Sensible Sentencing Trust [SST] is an organisation that was set up for, and remains dedicated to - the safety and protection of the public from recidivist, offenders, violent offenders and paedophiles.

To help achieve that goal, SST operate an online Offender’s Database which names a significant number of offenders and the crime(s) they have been convicted of, and in some cases a photo of the offender also made available so families and the New Zealand public could protect themselves from such individuals who may be living in their community. This is a job we believe the Courts should do but thus far the task has been left to SST. SST is 100% a volunteer organisation, entirely manned by New Zealander’s who fight every day to keep their families and the public of New Zealand safe. SST also supports victims of violent crimes and has seen first-hand what devastation offenders cause.

Our Mistake:

In March 2018 it was brought to our attention that SST had mistakenly posted a photo alongside the profile and name of a convicted paedophile which was the wrong photo [the photo of an innocent man].

SST on becoming aware of our mistake immediately removed the photo and profile from our Offender Database. We apologised to the man and have done our utmost to mitigate the harm to him, his family and business.

As the founder of SST I would like to apologise to the public of New Zealand for our mistake. Once again I would like to apologise to the man and his family who we will not name out of respect for his privacy.

Garth McVicar